You Should Grow Your Own Food For These Crucial Reasons

You Should Grow Your Own Food For These Crucial Reasons

Lately many people grow their own food in their gardens. It is very positive and enjoying .In fact, it has many positive effects on your health, on the environment and it is very cheap. Plus , if you seed your own fruits and vegetables in your garden , you can make sure that what you put on you eating table is very healthy and  not shipped through thousands of miles all-round the world  to come to your nearest market.

You might have a beautiful yard or garden that is full of grace but what if you plant your own food instead of useless grace. It sounds a good idea.

When you grow your own  food , you definitely know that your family and beloved ones are eating healthy. In contrast, when you go to the market with your basket, you do not know where this food came from and how it was grown and what are the medicines these farmer used to make this food grow.

Health and well beings are very important for you to live a good and long life , that is why growing your own food is one of the best activities that would improve your life to the best.

If you are suffering over weight  , you are up to realize that you are getting  fit in shape while your fruits and vegetables are growing up to get mature and ready for the plates .

Most foods that we eat at restaurant or buy from the markets are shipped for a long distances and it is packaged in the plastic bags or boxes for months and that period of storage effects badly the quality  of the fruits and vegetables .The process is full of  the use of pasta sides and insect acids. This food although it appears harmless on our plates ,it has so many precautions to the people and to the world that we live in .

Save money, it does not mean you have to be mean but when it comes to saving money and having a good health that is for sure a perfect idea.

If you have not noticed so far, you have been paying the triple price of each and every fruits and vegetables that You have bought so far though your whole life.

Why ?

Because in the super market or in any market, you will find only the good looking foods, but when you buy a kilo of orange with 3 dollars you have actually paid the price of other 2 kilos that have damaged on the transportation or in the farms.

Ex ; an orange tree may cost you three dollars to buy it ,  but in few  years you are harvesting dozens of fruits .Another example ,   You can also buy a bucket of carrot seeds containing  2000 seeds for only 2,50 backs . And after a short while that may be  few months and you can get so many healthy homegrown carrots boxes plus, you would have saved  a lot of money. What is more, there are some plants that can give you free food forever. Like : green onions , sweet potatoes , carrots …  .     

 All the process of growing your own food is  very easy  and simple , you have just to try it and you will discover how much it is fun and helpful.

Think of it ,You could have all kinds of free and healthy foods front of your steep door,  it sounds cool! doesn’t it ?. Well it is and so many people who care about their healthy and their families health have started up  to take  action and plant their own fruits and vegetables.  Moreover, homegrown foods are very higher in nutrients like, vitamin C, anti-oxidants, phytochemicals and vitamin A, these vitamins are very healthy for children and pregnant woman.

Environmental issues , most people seem to be concerned about the environment while business owner and farms think only about profits in the short term , growing your own food does not require transportation , plastic packaging  or chemical medicines. So , based on this you are not causing any damage or harm to the environment. In fact, you  are reducing the spread of pollution in the globe in many different ways.

 By doing all of this , you will notice that your life is moving to a better  side ,  because you are getting healthier and rich in the same time by saving a lots of dollars that others spent on unhealthier super market fruits and vegetables .

To end up , nowadays Radiation treatment to the fruits and vegetables is wide spread no one can deny that but these healthy foods arrive in way or another to our markets .Now,  nothing is safe in the market for us , so it is better for us to start growing our own healthy foods so at least in this way we can be safe from acids  , insects fighters and other harmful antibiotics that are used by farmers.