Natural foods ways to lower your blood pressure

Natural foods ways to lower your blood pressure


Replacing your diet with other kinds of food can reduce your high blood pressure. Studies have shown that certain foods and diets can lower high blood pressure, both in the long term and in the short term . In fact , high blood pressure affects one in four adults in the United States. Medications, diets and sports activities can decrease  high blood pressure possibilities . Having high blood pressure increases the odds of  a person’s risk of heart attacks, stroke and kidney illness.

In this article, we are about to discuss foods that can help you to reduce high blood pressure and provide you with the scientific studies and proofs .

Foods that help to lower blood pressure :

Many scientific institutions have discovered that certain foods can reduce hypertension. Here we are providing you with list of foods and how to mix them into a healthy meals.

1- Bananas

Bananas contain a lot of potassium and a mineral that has  a vital role in reducing  high blood pressure . One small banana has around 376 milligram of potassium.

According to World health care journal, potassium decreases the effects of sodium in the blood vessel. Youths have to consume 3,500 (mg) of potassium every day.

 Other foods and fruits that can reduce high blood pressure such as :

halibut, tomatoes, beans, and Avocados .

Note : People who are suffering from kidney diseases should talk with their doctor about potassium because it could be harmful in it is overdose .

2- Berries

Strawberries contain anthocyanin which can reduce a person’s high blood pressure.

Blueberries also contain antioxidant compounds called anthocyanin.

Researchers have done a large study with more than 47,000 people with high blood pressure.

They have discovered that those who have had blueberries and strawberries with their diets have an 8 percent reduction in the risk of high hypertension, compared to those who have not had blueberries and strawberries in the last month.

Enjoy berries as a short meal or sweet treatment to yourself after healthy meals, or add them to oatmeal.


drinking beet juice  reduces  high hypertension  in the short terms and long terms.

In the recent years, researchers have published many studies that include : more than 34,000 people as subject of the research announcing  that drinking  beet juice decreases high blood pressure in people with hypertension who drank  about 1 glass, of beet juice every day for a month. The scientists noticed that there is a very positive results in less than 24 hours.

 For many people, this change brought their blood pressure into the normal level.

The researchers suggested that beet’s high dose of inorganic nitrate helped into the reduction of the blood pressure.

It may help to drink a cup of beet juice daily, add it to salad, or prepare it with other vegetables as a healthful plate.

4-Dark chocolate


This sweet can reduce blood pressure like you never imagined. A research consists of 153 page, published in 2018, suggests that cocoa chocolate lowers blood pressure in persons with hypertension.

Always , Choose a good quality chocolate that contains at least 54 %  of cocoa, and consume a once  square each and every day that is going to be very helpful for you .

5- Kiwi

A daily consuming of kiwi can reduce high blood pressure in people within short period of time, according to a research. The researchers compared the effects of oranges and kiwis on people with high blood pressure.

They found that eating four kiwis per day for nine weeks resulted in a more significant reduction in diastolic blood pressure, compared with eating one orange every day for the same time.

 The researchers discovered that the bioactive substances in kiwi was behind the reduction of high blood pressure.

Kiwis are also containing a high level of vitamin C, which sufficiently improves blood pressure in people who eat around 400 milligrams of the vitamin C and A daily  for about nine weeks. Kiwis can also be so easy to be added to meals and oatmeal.

6- Watermelon

Watermelon contains of  huge level of coralline, which may contribute in managing  high blood pressure.

Coralline assists  the body to produce nitric oxide which is  a natural gas that relaxes blood vessels and flexibility in arteries . These effects encourage the movement of blood, which can decrease  high blood pressure .

Researchers have conducted a study that is shown  animals given meals rich in watermelon pieces had a good  heart health and very normal blood flow .

7-Green vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are rich vitamins , which help to encourage and facilitate blood pressure. Some researches suggest that eating 1–2 servings meals of green vegetables on daily basis can reduce hypertension for up to one day.

 Green vegetables such as : collard, cabbage, kale,  greens fennel and spinach.

 People who suffer high blood pressure have to consume a daily dose of leafy green vegetables in order to decrease the possibilities of getting  a high blood pressure.

8- Pomegranate

Drinking  one glass of pomegranate juice every day  for over 25 days can decrease  high blood pressure in the short term and long term , according to a research was published on the health care magazine. The researchers give this positive effect to the antioxidant content.

Some people prefer the pomegranates juice while it could be on meals too as sided testy dish. But, you have to ensure that when you buy packaged pomegranate juice, there is no added made up sugar.

Thus , you can prevent or reduce high blood pressure by consuming only natural foods and diets .By the way , If you suffer from high level of hypertension you might try these foods they are really helping  a lot of people getting better every day. Also, if you cannot follow your diet , it is fine ! just try to eat these foods and juices at least twice a week .