Foods and beverages to avoid to stay away from High Blood Pressure

Foods and beverages to avoid to stay away from High Blood Pressure


Blood pressure is the high rate pressure of the blood in the walls of vines as the heart pumps the blood around your body. It is a vital part of how the heart and kidneys work. The blood pressure naturally circulate through the body all the time, and the pressure varies to satisfy the heart’s needs depending on the activities you are doing. High level of blood pressure is when the rate of blood flow to the heart is higher than casual. Blood pressure that’s high for a long time is one of the most dangerous reasons for heart disease. As you getting aged, the chances of having high blood pressure increasing rapidly.

The best way you to keep your healthy is to get your blood pressure checked with your doctor as regularly as possible, but if that is not always possible to control your blood pressure . It is necessary to be aware of meals that are more likely to cause you high blood pressure. Many family and friendly gatherings include eating and drinking testy meals, and so it is very important to know which kinds of food to eat.

Balanced and healthy diet with some good fruits and vegetables can reduces hypertension .Diet can also play a very essential role in the treatment of blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a treatable disease, by eating  healthy meals and diets as daily basis. On the list Below, we will discuss some foods, beverages, fruits and vegetables that can aid you prevent the consequences of high blood pressure:

Foods That you should not eat to keep out far from blood pressure .


Caffeine contains liquids like coffee that can cause a significant up normal in blood flow to the heart, this kind of liquids is so bad to your health status, especially your heart and your blood pressure. Caffeine may cause the adrenal gland that also is very  dangerous for your heart . It could lead to fastness of your heart pumps.


Basically , Candy has nothing to offer you  more than  sugar .So , you have to replace all the  sugary suckers and candy bars , by  natural sweets fruits and vegetables that are rich in potassium, which is scientifically proven that these natural  sweet foods  are very high in some vitamins  that can prevent hypertensions .

Cold Meals

Some kinds of meals that are found in the freezer section or in fridges such as: lobster, fish, hamburgers are filled with sodium and full of unwanted ingredients. There is also a kind of food that is called healthy meals, in fact, it is not healthy, it is loaded with large amount of sodium which can definitely cause high blood pressure.



On your way to the super market to buy packaged cow milk, think of this facts about cheese  that is mostly made up of cow milk  and its heart-harming salt favor . Also French cheese, it might be delicious but it contains 607 milligrams of sodium so here you have to think of what it will be doing to your blood pressure .Plus, keep those numbers in mind, they may help you to take the right decision next time .


Unexpectedly, consuming alcoholic liquids has indeed linked to decrease heart disease risks .How ? Consuming alcoholic drinks in an organized and limited amounts that means 2 glasses every day for man and 1 glass for females. Pay attention,  Overdoes of alcohol can lead to weight gain, other kidneys diseases  and both of these are bad for your health and  as result you will get increasing blood pressure in short term .

Packaged Meats

All prepackaged meats, including lunch sausage and fried chicken, are over loaded with sodium. Although many people don not believe that but delicatessen meats, like turkey, serve as protein independent source. To be safe, don’t buy from super market refrigerated section, buy meat from the butcher directly. So, in this way you avoid sodium that is in the prepackaged meat.

Cured Hams

Studies have shown that 20 grams serving of cured ham contain 200 (milg) of pure sodium. Though the slice of served piece of cured meat is smaller but it contains a huge amount of sodium. This quantity of sodium is enough to cause a high blood pressure and it can also infect your kidneys. Despite of cured ham is very rich in protein but it is advised to eat only one small slice each three weeks

Pastries and Candy

Cakes , candy, Doughnuts, and cookies are full of fat and sugar no matter what are they made up off . Also , these sweets may cause weight gain in a noticeable level .In order to stay away from high blood pressure and keep your heart and kidneys healthier , we recommend only the consumption of very small portion  every day.   

To sum up , high blood pressure is a very serious disease that can lead to sudden dead in many cases , it requires that an organized diet to keep your blood flow normal all the time , especially if you are getting older .The diet is an effective way to organize your blood flow if it does not contain unsafe and unhealthy  fruits and vegetables , In fact , now you have a clue on what foods you have to stay away from to keep your hypertensions  in steady mode .