Carrots and Seaweed Vegetable Salad UA-146926695-2

Carrots and Seaweed Vegetable Salad


100 g carrots

100 g pickled seaweed wakame

4 cherry tomatoes

25 ml soy sauce

25 ml water

1 tbsp. sesame

0.5 tsp. lemon juice

0.5 tsp. sesame oil

0.5 tsp. sugar

0.5 tsp. starch



Wash and peel carrots. Then grate carrots with a medium grater. Mix wakame with grated carrots. Wash cherry tomatoes and cut in half. Add tomatoes to carrots and seaweed. Add salad dressing, stir, and garnished with sesame seeds.


Heat the water and add sugar. Thicken the mixture with starch. Add soy sauce, sesame oil and lemon juice.