6 Natural Beauty Hacks and tips Every Woman Should Know

6 Natural Beauty Hacks and tips Every Woman Should Know


Beauty is the secret for women to get what they want. It is a fact, that is why you should know what the other women do to make them look beautiful naturally.  Indeed, beauty is something that needs  attention and care to be achieved .Also , when you achieve it you need to preserve it. If you are a lady of beauty and privilege, you have to know the tips and hacks that make you flourish for years. There are a lot of hacks and tips that females use to make their look shinning.

 Here we have collected the most natural and advisable tips that you have to do to preserve your beauty:


Lady do you want to have a long and attractive eye makeup with your eyeliner?. It is so easy and  a very good idea to turn it into a nice gel. This can be done in only one minute, through holding your eye pencil under your eye for just blink of an eye and let it cool down for some sixty seconds. This will help you have an attractive and smooth eye line effect. Just in case you wish to pleasantly   stress the eyes shadow, you need to cover the whole eye lid with black liner to make a kind of background for the rest of the upcoming shades. Creativeness and resource are the secrets that you can apply for anything especially make-up. So, using this kind of solutions, you might, for example, utilize a spoon to paint those perfect arrows in the corner of the eye.


If long attractive red lipstick is what looking for, you need to apply the lipstick, draw all with a good brand tissue, add a little powder and then do other line of the color that you prefer. Some Other extremely useful and insane techniques you can choose for is changing a loose eye shadow into a gloss of lip for a while. To get this you need to mix the eye shadow you got with some salve jelly and use it to the lips after mixture. It is very easy and effective!. This magical is used by most attractive ladies and it has a great effect on first impression.


As most attractive beautiful ladies might also utilize a little bit of tight line to create many beautiful and natural accents. This is a skillful way that you can use the liner in between the lashes making the effect of not doing any makeup, still having that nice accent and the visually thicker lashes that can make you self-confidant. There is also another rare trick that is a great to avoid the pain that is caused when using false eyelashes. First, apply a small layer the mascara.  Second, the powder has to be used to the top and the bottom of the lashes.


Spot Treatment

After have rest sleeping, waking up in the morning is the most monstrous spot on your chin are a nightmare for you. Well! How to deal with them naturally?. Have you tried to apply Greek yogurt on them. If not, you have to . Greek yogurt can make those spots vanish in matter of a day naturally. It is one hundred percent natural. But under any case do not use lactic acid , it could clean up those spots on short term but it contains some harmful probiotics that could affect your face skin badly on the long term .

The Shaving Cream

Lately, most ladies use machines for fast and easily shaving their legs. It is definitely time saving but do you realize the harm that you are causing to your skin when you use shaving machine? . Biologically speaking, your smooth skin is not able to take the sharpness of the machine. Indeed, all machines can destroy your skin. On the other hand, it is better to use shaving creams because it can do its job without causing any damage to the skin. It also contains some hydrating ingredients that can enrich your skin and gives it smooth touch.

Dried feet

Mostly the feet get dried by chemical floor cleaning product or by getting exposed to too much son, to fix this problem you need to use Vaseline over them before you wear your socks before you get to bed. Also, it is much better if you avoid sneaker or walking for too long until your feet recover. In most cases in take up to two days to recover your feet but some time it takes up to 5 day. It is important to keep in mind that your feet are as important as your face when it comes to men attraction. This tip is going to need it, so keep it in mind especially if you are a working lady .

To sum up,

When it comes to beauty, you’re responsible about each part of your looking. Also, you may use chemical beauty product to keep you looking wonderful. But, that looks are just momentarily. So, as we sew all this tips and hacks you can use them on your daily life to fix all the face spots, skin and eyelashes plus these tips are all very natural and effective .moreover , they  can help save you money and the beauty and the attraction that you need .