6 Highest protein foods to keep you fit

6 Highest protein foods to keep you fit

It seems hard to combine between high protein food, shaped body and healthy foods. Many people have tried to get all these three in short at once, but they have failed in their first attempt. After few weeks, 95 percent give up because they cannot see the result after a long way of committing to certain diet. Let me be frank with you, to follow a certain diet is not guaranteed way to get the wanted result. Sometimes, you start a diet to have only healthy foods and have a good fit, but it ends up by getting the reversed result. The question that may come to your mind now is why?. Actually, it is not about the diet, it is about what is in this diet. What is the fruit , vegetable and beverages that are in this diet, So without the right combination  between your diet element, you are getting nowhere .So , if you want to be fit and eat healthy foods you to make every bit you put in mouth countable .

Here are the registered dietitian’s foods recommendations :


Beef is known to have amino acids, ‘powerhouse’ which help in having a great  health. Beef is one of the most important foods that are recommended for daily consumption. It contains a high portion of protein and it can enrich your muscles while it can make you get fit in mean time. Furthermore, if you worried about fat , it is actually a problem , beef is a considered a healthy food that is not threating your shale at all . Meanwhile, do not avoid the limit in the daily consumption. How ? it is very fine to have a small slice on your plate on launch. Remember, small steak a day equals, getting fit and enrich your body with healthy protein.


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When it comes to getting a good source of protein and without gaining any extra weight, turkey breast is what you buy for your diet plate. You try to get Turkey skinless and then you have six grams of building muscles protein per 28 grams. Turkey is very high in vitamins such as  B and A , and the selenium that fights cancer. It is also full of amino acids, and the saturated fat is approximately contains null.   Plus, it is one of the most the best kinds of red meats around, through the week  you can have it twice or three times and  you can never have the same thing twice so you can eat it easily .

Olive Oil

Three places are famous with this treasure oil in the world, Morocco, Sicily and Tunisia.   Olive oil is thought to be healthier than saturated fat because its chemical structure. if you looking for healthy foods that can keep you get fit and olive oil is the best food source for your health . In fact, it can replace any of the unhealthy foods that you are eating. It is very easy to eat it, just piece of bread and a glass of coffee or tea and here you go . You are eating one of the most diet basis . This oil can help you be healthy and keep you fit no matter what age you are in.


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Do you really know milk is very helpful for your body and you should also know that when you skip dairy makes your body crave for it . Milk is very useful for you but you should never skip it from your diet.  The best way to have milk is to keep it basically in your meal , especially breakfast , because it is very reach in coliseum and vitamin c and  that can make you fit and have a great source of protein in the same time . It is also preferable to drink milk by glass, for example, two glasses at breakfast and one single glass for dinner as daily basis. By keeping this regular diet, you are getting healthy protein without getting fat.


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Extremely small   as they look, but they will play a magical role for you. They  will help you energize and make you feel full for almost all day  more than anything else in your fridge . The reason is they are full of water and other vitamins such as vitamin C and A : They are also rich in fiber that become larger and rounder than usual  in your stomach and then your stomach sends a signal to your brain that indicate that it is  full. Also, it is easy for your stomach to convert it into energy for your heart and muscles. Most dietitians say that beans is the main source of the good health and good shaped body.

Finally ,

what we have seen up here is the way to keep you healthy and in the same time to have a high protein foods. What is special about this easy formula is, it does not require a unique foods and vegetables, .It  contains what is in your fridge or what is in your nearest market . So , it is very easy to find foods and eat them as diet . After a while you will notice the difference of this great foods on health.  Dietitians consider these foods  as the most healthy foods for shape and body energy  for the same time.