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6 Foods that make you reduce your appetite

When you are trying to burn some calories, it is very important to reduce your amount of food consumption; it is hard, isn’t it? that why it is better to reduce your appetite. To reduce your appetite at one is very difficult that is why it is advisable to decrease your appetite step by step .At some points, we all can go away out of truck by eating some delicious snacks and testy hamburgers. Being hungry most of the times is the reason why most diets and organized foods do fail in week. Feeling hungry all the time is one of the major reasons why most diets fail within a week. Anyhow, having certain kinds of food indicate to your brain that you have  eaten enough. Indeed, it is not about what you eating, it is about how much you eating.

Here is a list of foods that will reduce your appetite:


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The healthy bacteria that exists in yogurt provides a good digestive process and maintains you with exceeded benefits of health. In fact, Yogurt is a great source of easily digestible protein, vitamins A and C, micronutrients and others which can help you decrease your casual appetite. A very short piece of portion of yogurt gives you the vitamin b also helping the heart, muscles and nervous system to work well and reducing the appetite in the same time. In addition, yogurt contributes into the development of the immunity which can fight diseases and helps in weight loss. It have also an additional benefits such as, organizing blood flow, blood pressure and other advantages… .

Black chocolate

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In case you are looking for something very sweet , get dark chocolate. Studies have shown that dark chocolate can decrease blood pressure and help the brain and heart to do their job well. It’s also more effective for appetite reduction. According to a study was published on Nutrition and Diabetes journal, 2 small portion of dark chocolate every day as snack can help you decrease you appetite by 17 percent each day. This can keep your stomach full for a long time and that can stop you from eating fried foods and unhealthy snack that may lead in most cases to weight gain in short time.


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Do you know that Chewing gum can not only renewing Silvia but also controls your period of hunger and aids weight loss. One of the most important reasons of chewing is weight loss. When you may want a unhealthy snack or hamburger you preferably try to get a gum, it can help you reduce this uncontrolled desire of eating sandwiches and snacks that contains nothing but harm to your inside and weight gain on the outside. In reality , gum comes after food, When it come before food it blocks your stomach from wanting fast food or unhealthy food .Also, it helps you to turn that extra calories in your body into mean energy for your daily activities.

Greens vegetables

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It does not mean to be vegetarian but Greens are for your heart and brain .Also, it is good for  your health. If you switch into greens, soon you will notice that you are not eating a lot and you are losing weight. They contain natural proteins that can make you forget eating for 5 till 6 hours because your body already got the enough energy that it needs. In case ,  you are checking your weight, greens will make you proud of your healthy with a short appetite.  Green vegetables are rich in fiber and water, which can make your belly full for a long time.


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 Even though eggs are very cheap, they are so rich in protein. It is been proven that eggs make us feel full for a long time more than meat and sausage. The also compress the hormone ghrelin that plays the roles of  the appetite sometimes. Moreover, They also contain high quality of protein that cravings controlled for over than 5 hours. Eggs can also be used as healthy extra source of protein that can support your diet and in the same time to reduce your appetite. Dietitians consider eggs to be a great protein source for a healthy meal and also a good appetite controller. Anyhow , don’t eat more two till three max eggs a day , either boiled or fried eggs.


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Fruits are considered to be healthy to some levels but apples are very healthy and appetite reducer in the same time .There is an old proverb that goes “ an Apple a day keeps hunger away”. In fact, it is the mean source of fiber. These kind of fibers take time to be chewed, which makes the belly sends a sign to the brain that” no food is needed for a long time. Besides, it is also helps in the reduction of extra fatness in the body in noticeable way. What is more, Apples also contain water content, which will keep your stomach full for a long time.

To sum up,

after all what we have seen together, to reduce your appetite does not require a great effort or a hard work. It is as simple as a glass of water. It is just about this list of foods that you have to follow for few months and you will hit two birds with one stone, that is to lose weight and the second is to reduce your appetite, all this in just few weeks.