47 Elegant Diy Storage Rack Ideas For Small Kitchen – Page 2

47 Elegant Diy Storage Rack Ideas For Small Kitchen


To start off, the first thing to determine is the size of your planned kitchen island. Generally, you should follow a standard 36 to 42 inches between the island and the surrounding cabinets or walls. This allows for ease in opening doors whether of kitchen cabinets in the island, those along the countertops, as well as refrigerator’s and oven’s. The height of freestanding islands usually follows the height of your existing countertops.

A sideboard surely is a handy addition to your collection of kitchen cabinets. For a relatively amount of space that it takes out of the overall square footage of the area, it offers storage for a wide range of items from table linens, serving pieces as well as other dishware. Being a separate item from your kitchen cabinets, this does not really have to look like the rest. If you are feeling daring and creative, create your sideboard into an accent in the interior design by making it into a furniture-like cabinet unit, decorating it with moldings and trims; or coating it with a bold color.