The 8 foods to ban, they prevent you from keeping a good memory, here are our tips

While food is at the heart of the concerns of the French, there are harmful foods that prevent you from having an excellent memory, and you might be surprised by some … But what are the foods to avoid for your brain? It may sound surprising, but some foods are not very popular with your brain, which is particularly fond of vitamin B. According to some studies, a lack of vitamin B can cause harmful damage to your brain. To avoid this, luckily there is a list of foods to avoid that we share with you in this article. Food clearly has an impact on our body.

What foods should you avoid to keep a good memory?

To avoid destroying your memory, many foods should be avoided. The list could be, as you can imagine, very long. That being said, we’ve decided to simplify this food list by providing you with five major food families.


As you can imagine, sugars are the primary enemies of memory. Well unfortunately, some people are absolutely unaware of this and consume a lot of it! Indeed, according to a very serious study from the University of Berlin in Germany, people who consume a lot of sugar are more likely to experience memory problems because of the abnormal sugar level in the blood.

Red meat

Contrary to popular belief, red meat is not good for the memory! This time it has been demonstrated by Boston University which has shown that people who consume more red beef than the norm have a cognitive function which is much lower.

La junk-food

It’s no secret that junk food is bad for your health . But not many people know that it is also very bad for the memory! The University of California has carried out a lot of research which shows that the food offered by fast food restaurants is generally filled with saturated or well processed fats . The latter would be bad for the synapses of our brain , they would act directly on the molecules of the brain which are linked to memory and learning.

Simple carbohydrates

Like sugars, simple carbohydrates can be bad for maintaining a good memory. Indeed, refined sugars, flour, or non-skimmed milk can be very bad for type 2 diabetic patients . According to some studies, simple carbohydrates may also be detrimental to success in school.


Last food and especially not to be neglected: fructose! This is very special because it is present in all foods that have been processed. But we also find fructose in many foods or drinks where corn syrup has been added . Very concretely, this will concern sweet fruit juices, canned fruit, or sodas. Besides the fact that fructose could make it difficult for you to have a good memory, it also slows down your brain function.

In summary, beware of appearances!

As you can see, certain foods like fructose should be avoided for your memory, even if they contain fruit! For the more athletic tempted to binge on meat, also be careful not to go too far to reduce your memory . Finally, it should be noted that other foods are also bad for your intelligence.

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