5 yoga poses for a flat stomach!

The secrets of a flat stomach? There are a lot of them, but all of them are exercise-based. Come on ladies, we must move! First objective: target your abdominals. All means are good to achieve this… Yoga too would have a say; it would not only intervene on stress and the psyche; to firm up your abs a little, certain postures have been carefully screened and selected for you.

Yoga: postures for abdo!

If yoga is well known for its benefits on the mind, and the psyche, today, it is no longer to dispute that certain postures are involved in musculoskeletal health. Good news therefore for those who would like to achieve a flat stomach. No particular constraints but just… unroll your mat in a quiet place at home and relax. Do these exercises every day and don’t forget the right ritual: start with the tree or the anti-stress breathing with the cross-legged (lotus) position.

For each movement, squeeze your abs and glutes and breathe!

Agni sara: move your abs and breathe!

In a standing position, legs slightly apart, knees slightly bent.

Bend over, and lean on the thighs with the hands.

Do breathing exercises in this posture.

While inhaling, contract the abs and pull in the stomach; then exhale deeply while pulling out the belly. These movements must be rapid. Do them 3 times then relax.

The board

Starting position: lying on your stomach.

Raise the pelvis, rest on the hands, slightly apart; legs straight out and slightly apart, support yourself on your tiptoes.

Make sure the head and spine are aligned in the same axis. The back should be flat.

Stay in this position for 20 seconds, concentrating on your calm, regular breaths.

Then release and return to the starting position for a few minutes. Repeat the posture 3 times.

The side plank

Starting position: Lie on your side.

Raise the pelvis and take support on the hand; raise the other arm up, legs stretched out over each other.

Stay in this position for 20 seconds, focusing on slow, regular breaths.

Switch sides.

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