The richest fried quesadillas

One of the street snacks that saves us the most from hunger and craving are fried quesadillas. And, we love them for how versatile they are, and their endless fillings . 

It is also a perfect business opportunity , and you do not need to make a large investment. 

You can start with just a grill, a deep skillet, and a tortilla machine.

Just master the following tips and your quesadillas will be the best on the road . 

1. For a kilo of dough , add a teaspoon of salt and knead, add little by little water until the dough is smooth and does not stick to the fingers. Make the tortillas thin so they can be cooked perfectly. 

2. Since you have the dough to the point it is time to decide with what you are going to fill them . To start your business, you can start with ingredients that do not require much preparation such as shredded Oaxaca cheese, roasted quelites, mushrooms, chorizo, pumpkin flower, slices or potatoes. 

3. If you have a very good seasoning , take advantage of it and offer stews such as picadillo, pork rinds pressed with guajillo sauce and tinga. Even if the cuisine of your city or place of origin is very special you can s add to your menu ave specialty as bistek, beef jerky, barbecue or even shrimp. 

4. Remember that you can improve your profit if you buy the ingredients in the supply centers; also keep a small menu with people’s favorites.

5. For the quesadilla, keep the tortilla in the plastic where you shaped it, place the filling leaving a margin of two centimeters, fold and seal the edges. This step is important so that the filling does not come out; fry in plenty of hot oil. 

6. The common price of quesadillas ranges from 12 to 30 pesos, depending on the amount of filling and the size. 

7. We recommend assigning an initial price (let’s say the minimum of 12 pesos) for the simple quesadilla , a moderate price (from 15 to 20 pesos) for the quesadillas with stew and finally for some special filling , designate a reasonable price between 20 at 30 pesos. 

8. Write down all your expenses and compare it with your sales to monitor how much profit you receive per day. 

9. Finally, you can pack some drinks to ensure they consume a little more for the attractive price. 

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