These Mexican green beans will be the perfect garnish to accompany your dishes and a very practical way to include vegetables in your meals. The recipe is super homemade and low in calories, plus it could be what was missing on that day of the week when you avoid eating meat. We suggest that, once the beans are cooked, you immerse them in ice water to cut the cooking.



In a pot with water, cook the green beans with the baking soda and salt. Strain and reserve.On a comal, roast the onion, tomatoes, garlic, morita pepper and guajillo pepper.Blend with the chicken broth, salt, and pepper.In a pan, add the oil, onion and sauce and cook for 15 minutes, add the green beans and corn, and cook for another 5 minutes.Serve, decorate with fresh cheese and parsley. Enjoy.

Decorate with fresh cheese and parsley.
Once the beans are cooked, we suggest you immerse them in ice water to enhance their color and cut cooking.
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