You have to Avoid these Cancer-Causing Foods as soon as possible

You have to Avoid these Cancer-Causing Foods as soon as possible

In past centuries, no one was worried about foods and meals that cause cancer. In fact , no one knows what is cancer . The science was very short and limited to certain diseases at that time, but there were also accountable companies of fast foods in the market world widely and it was something very new to the whole societies. People used to eat healthier and purely homemade foods , because that was the only available and affordable food at that time.

Nowadays, it seems like researches, scientists and doctors link most if not all foods to cancer causing , it becomes very difficult to determine what foods you can eat and what foods you have to stay away from.

Below we are going to discuss six of the cancer causing foods that you may eat every day. You may wonder that “Every foods and diets cause cancer, so why have I change my diet,”

These foods are so bad that you must try to avoid at all circumstances!

1- Chips

They may be not very expensive, easy and testy, but these fried potatoes, addicting can lead to a smooth dead. These fatty foods cause over weight because of the high trans-fats that they contain. What is more, potato chips also contain high sodium levels, which leads to high blood pressure. Another risk is that the presence of acrylic, a known carcinogen that was discovered in cigarettes in the mid-fifties. Try to avoid eating these kind of chips and also your beloved once about these cancer causing snacks and choose baked apple chips or homemade chips.

2 – Packaged tomatoes

Actually, I know what is in your mind,… probably you have heard how the nutrient Lycopene in tomato decrease cancer risk, but this benefit is no long exists when the cover  canned tomatoes includes carcinogen that damage hormonal activities in the body and changes the heart beats . Since tomatoes are very acidic, the chemical BPC goes from the cover into the tomatoes. This chemical toxic has a role in different kinds of cancer, kidney diseases and heart pressure problems. In the short term when you feel like you need a nice cold and testy sauce, think of the harm that you are exposing yourself too.

3- Soda drinks

No matter what you call it short, break, soft, soda drinks,… .It is definitely harmful to your wellbeing! Chemical soda is rich in carbon calories, made up sugar and artificial substances, and has no nutritional positive benefit. One small can of soda have about nine packets of made up sugar. A lot of famous diets and sugar sodas are closely as corrosive to teeth enamel as car battery acid. You most think over again about the saying occasional soda will not cause any harm .Health scientists have proven that drinking three cans of soda per month doubles the risk of causing cancer. Actually, There are many of healthy alternatives drinks around you, so when you order something sweet next time , think twice about it .Your health has the priority, keep that in mind!

4 – Processed meats

Processed meat is testy no question about that , but have you asked what can happened to you if you addicted to it. I guess you like carnivore, it might be hard to give up delicious meat or grilled meat sandwiches with your glass of wine and your slice of cheese, but the health care absolutely outweigh the cancer risks. Processed meat is made up with too much salt and chemicals substances that hurt our body and heart .A study through many years have shown that 3 out of 60 people died because they ate 160 grams each of processed meats. That is 47 percent cause of cancer, as contrary to people who ate 22 grams at max or less. This kind of meat are so packaged with preservatives to appear fresh, but they are popular carcinogen, together with the same things found in cigarettes that killed millions of people.

5 – Alcohol drinks

Alcoholic is the second cause of cancer, right after tobacco. Anyhow a medium or low use of alcohol can be useful for the health and contribute to the reduction of heart and kidney disease, too much drink is known to cause heart and kidney failure, stroke and sudden heart attack. Over dose alcohol use is the biggest cause of mouth, colon, liver, esophagus, breast, rectum cancer. I know you start to worry now! But believe me you do not have to give up your coup of wine with dinner, but, for your health’s sake, keep it to one glass no more.

6 – Red meat

Red meat is indeed a good element in your diet in low amounts. If you like testy red meat slices now and then, NO worries! It’s fine! but only in one case that is to say if it is grass and organic beef, which in fact can help reduce certain cancers from the body. Whatever, persons who consume meat like fast cooked red meat on daily basis have a huge risk in getting deadly cancers, increasing their risks to 35% in case of men and 19 % in case of women. Anyhow, red meat is especially good at causing cancer. To such a degree, enjoy your dinner meat slice as casually as possible, but do not do it daily and when you do have red meat steak, make sure it is grass-fed beef.

Finally , these foods and drinks are the most consumed in the U.S that cause cancer . In fact , there are still other foods and drinks that cancer causing too , but if you follow what is been said above, I can assure you that you will be fine and you will live a long healthy life.

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