Foods to Avoid when you are during Pregnancy time

Foods to Avoid when you are during Pregnancy time

Pregnancy time is one of the most sensitive periods in a woman’s life. That is why it is so important for pregnant women to have only healthy foods. Future mothers have to be careful with what they eat, drink and make sure to avoid unhealthy foods. Certain kinds of foods should only be eaten rarely, while other foods should be avoided definitely during pregnancy.

Here are some foods and meats to avoid or take care with during pregnancy time:

Some kinds of Cheeses to avoid in pregnancy:

1.Soft cheeses with yellow and white peel

Under any circumstances don’t eat ripened soft cheese with a white rinds such as brie. This includes goats’ cheese. These cheeses are not safe to be eaten in pregnancy if they have not been cooked well in a certain diet.

2.Soft blue cheeses

You have also to avoid soft yellow-veined cheeses such as  {French}  yellow and Roquefort cheeses . Soft yellow cheeses are only safe to be eaten in pregnancy if they have been cooked, until boiling hot all the way through. It is advised that expecting mothers avoid some soft kinds of cheeses because they contain less acid than hard cheeses and have more moistures, which means they can be a perfect environment for dangerous bacterial , such as listeria, to live and grow in. If you are pregnant and feeling signs of listeria bacterial infection, go see your doctor as soon as possible straight away.

3.Not cooked or half cooked eggs

Avoid some raw or half cooked eggs if you are on pregnancy time. Eggs are produced under a food safety standard. Eggs produced on this way have a logo stamped on their shell contains an image of a red lion. The Lion stamped code eggs are considered not risky for sandwiches, and safe for pregnant women to eat raw or partially cooked.  If they are not Lion stamped Code, make sure eggs are well cooked till the white and yolk are hard to stay safe from the risk of food poisoning. Food poisoning is likely to harm the baby and it can cause you a severe stroke of vomit. If eating outside   and you do not know whether the eggs used for your sandwich or meal are Lion Code or not lion code ask the staff there or to keep yourself on safe side, follow the advice for non-Lion Code eggs. Non-hen eggs such as goose, quail and duck eggs must always be cooked well.

4.Undercooked meat

Do not eat raw or undercooked meat, meat joints and steaks cooked rare because it is risky in pregnancy, it contains high potential risk of toxoplasmosis. Cook all kinds of meat and poultry well so it is steaming hot and till there is no trace of blood especially with chicken white meat, pork and sausages, including burgers too. Wash all meat surfaces thoroughly after preparing raw meat to avoid the spread of harmful bacteria. Also wash and dry your hands with soup after touching or handling raw meat. Toxoplasmosis is a dangerous infection caused by a parasite found  in non-cooked and undercooked meat and untreated water. If you are pregnant, the infection can be harmful for your baby, but it’s important to keep in mind that toxoplasmosis in pregnancy is very rare. Anyhow, if you feel ill ,you may have been at risk, so visit your doctor because treatment for toxoplasmosis is available.

5.Be careful with cold cured meats during pregnancy

Several cold or frozen meats, such as chorizo, pepperoni and salami are not cooked thoroughly, they are just cured. This means there is a risk, they have high toxoplasmosis-causing parasites. It is important to read the instructions on the packet to see if the product is ready to be eaten or still needs cooking first. For meat that is ready to be eaten, you can reduce the risk from parasites by putting it in the refrigerator cured or ferment meats for more than 3 days at home before you can make it on your meal. Freezing kills all bacteria and makes the meat safer to eat. If you are planning to cook the meat. For example, on pizza , you do not have to freeze it first. If you are eating in a restaurant or in a snack that serves cold cured or fermented meat slices, ask the staff if they froze the meat for over 4 days or avoid eating it to stay safe .


You can have most kinds of fish when you are pregnant, but you have to avoid some types of fish and you have to eat a little bit of some others.  While you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant soon, you must not eat shark, marlin and swordfish. You ought to limit the amount of tuna steaks you eat. No more than two steaks of tuna weekly. This is because tuna contains more pollutants such as dioxins and mercury than other types of fish.


The consumption of high levels of caffeine during pregnancy can cause your baby a low birth weight, which can lead to the risk of health problems when they grow. Over does of caffeine can cause miscarriage and that has happened many times.

Caffeine exists naturally many foods and beverages, such as chocolate, coffee and tea contain certain degrees of caffeine. It is also added to some soft beverages and energy drinks.

Thus , in pregnancy time, expecting mothers have to keep aware of the foods and beverages that can threat their health and their baby . so , it is a must to keep their babies healthy .That’s  they should have only healthy foods and diets.

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