Foods and drinks You Need to keep in your bunker to Survive the Zombie

Foods and drinks You Need to keep in your bunker to Survive the Zombie

 Unbelievable!  Zombie Apocalypse is here, the night mare has happened! Are you ready? you better should be. As always the first thoughts are to resist and survive, but you better not forget you do need food to stay alive. Actually I think you have your Survivalist, but if you don’t it is fine, let’s make it together. So, the survivalist must consist of two kinds of food, short term food and long term food and as well as other supplies:

1.Processed Meat

Actually, no one really wishes to eat canned meat, but no one wants this zombie destruction to happen either. Bad time requires to eat canned meat. At least this canned meat is already cooked and prepared for eating. Also this canned meat  will provide you with great sources of protein and vitamin for your body and heart to stay in good health .Processed meats are packed in easy  to open cans and containers and ready to be consumed. There are many kinds of processed meats available in the market so , it is better to keep some in your house just in case it hits .

2.Tomato Paste

No doubt that tomatoes have a short life consumption and it is very likely to be damaged when travelling. Anyhow, tomato paste are in short, easy to open and carry containers and can last for decades. Tomato paste is also very rich in protein and other healthy vitamins. It is also resistible to a lots of oxidants environment. So, it is  good food to store in your shelter in case the zombie apocalypse stroke unexpectedly.  


Some verities of energy bars, such as granola bars are a must to have them on your survival list. According to ZGR, Anyone who is preparing for apocalypse should have energetic bars in their pantry. These kinds of bars are processed full of power and nutrient, they last basically for a long time. However, you have to buy plenty of packed cans though. Energy drinks will be very essential for anybody who needs to survive for a long time.

4.Peanut Butter

Peanut butter Packaged full of protein, it does not require refrigerating and it can be added to many kinds of food to make them tasty or it can be eaten by itself.  You can also use peanut butter as cooking greasy oil. Moreover, A little of peanut butter will save your chain saw purred no matter how many zombie you have to fight against.

5.Packed Water

It is very necessity to have as many bottles of water as you can on your warehouse. A certain person can survive for about 30 days without eating any food but the same person will die after three days without drinking water. As water is obligatory for life, it is also beneficial in treating bruise on short term. However, Keep in mind that ,  a bite of it will not help. Just in case that happened, you need to have as many packs as possible.

6.Fruits and Vegetables

Many vegetables and fruits can still fresh then others. Carrots, onion, potatoes, and several other vegetables last longer and are sustainable, you have to keep them in you survival food store. What’s more, oranges, apples and citrus fruits stay for long time fresh either, and do not require any refrigerating. Actually, good fresh potatoes can also be served as a decent resisting weapon in a plate during that hard survival time. You can also make decent drink out of potato if you know what I mean.

7.Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are a great source of vitamins, anti-oxidant, protein like many varieties of potassium and iron. The best fruits are cranberries, currants, cherries, and prune. Dates are also high in calories and vitamin that can serve your needs of energy in beneficial way when you need to keep your body and mind sharp. Keep in mind that, brain foods are necessary to save your brain from becoming a source of food to your body needs.

8.Herbs and Spices

Dried herbs and spices may not be very delicious or packaged full of vitamins as fresh ones, but that does not necessary mean they does not consist of many benefits., many herbs and spices improve energy, promote good blood circulation, and keep the person healthy as long as you can think, not to mention Aside from making your foods and meals tasty. Moreover, herbs & spices are portable and easy to keep, they do not take much space to save. If you wonder which ones to keep, here is what you will need the most: ginger, cinnamon and garlic. These little herbs are very helpful for you.

To sum up , if you are not ready yet , this foods and drinks are going to help you start preparing . And if you are already prepared for  these hard upcoming days , see the above list and double check if you forget something. There are other foods and liquids that are very helpful in such harsh days .However, the most important thing is to make balance between foods and drinks in your bunker. You don’t need to run out of water and you still have plenty of foods packed in your shelter .   

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