7 Worst Foods and Drinks for Your Teeth and Gums

7 Worst Foods and Drinks for Your Teeth and Gums

I think, you probably know the importance of  your health and shinning smile . You might also realize the importance of your diet and its result on your dental health. It actually seems that You are what you eat when it comes to your dental health. It is even more important nowadays than usual.                                                                                                                               Here some foods and beverages that you have to avoid for white and strong teeth:

1.Sugar and Highly Acidic Foods

When it has to do with your teeth, foods and liquids especially energetic drinks that have high level of acid are very damaging to your teeth. Why ? Good question you may ask ! . Because acids can erode your teeth and them cover , causing holes and tooth yellow decay. Some examples of very acidic foods : alcohol, orange, lemons, pickles, tomatoes, coffee , onion , energy drinks.  On the other hand , here is some Examples of low acidic foods too : vegetables. , eggs, avocado, whole grain, nuts, bananas, broccoli, lean meat and cheese.

2.Foods that contain  Sugar

Since you are here you definitely know that sugar is very dangerous for your dental health, but it is important to know exactly how. The bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar  to produce acid and cavities  that is to say  an acid infection. The issue here is that sugars that is left in your mouth after eating sweets are often beginning of the process of cavities formation. It is impossible to eliminate all sugars from your meals, but it is important to try to decrease sugar intake as much as possible any time you can. It is also necessary to do not let sugar  stay in your mouth for a long period of time. So, you need to brush your teeth after each meals or at least drink lots of water after any foods you eat. Some foods that have high level in sugar such as : energetic  drinks {all kinds}, candies, , desserts,  dried fruit and  jams… .

3.Chewing Foods

Foods that stick and stay attached and between your teeth for a very long time  can cause cavities and acid  and eventually damage your teeth. The issue is such foods turn into a feeding energy supplier for bacteria and their long presence in your mouth covering you teeth and allowing it to produce more acid and harmful oxidant than normal. It is very important to clean your teeth as fast as you can and do not let sticky foods and beverages to linger in your mouth for hours and days.

4.Foods which make your month dry

The best way to defend against oral health problems is saliva. It is the  most effective  way to take care of your teeth naturally is to help your mouth stay healthy by washing it as many as times  possible a day  bringing back the crucial minerals to your teeth. Saliva reduces the amount of  sticking foods  to your teeth and it may even help repair early signs of teeth decay, cavities, and other oral bad infections. Disappointingly , when your mouth has no saliva, the saliva amount  in your mouth is  low and it cannot do its job properly. Some foods and beverages that dry up your mouth in an excessive way : some medicine, energy drinks, coffee and  alcohol.

 After  what we have seen so far , now we have better idea about  what kind of foods to avoid the most in order to keep our teeth white and strong .So , what about the drinks that we drink them on daily basis as part of our culture or because of their irresistible test . 


Nothing deserves the first place in our list as Soda. Most adults if not all know how bad the soda is for our dental health and oral health and that is proven many times by scholars and scientists. All the studies have linked between soda drinks and cavities.

Soda drinks  contains high amount of  acid, and this acid is the responsible for the harm caused to your teeth  more than sugar. Therefore, next time you think of having a soda drink , you have to choose between you dental health or momentarily  test .


Word widely,  Alcohol is known as health and life damaging  liquid.  Most people know that either problems or happy moments that make us have a bottle of alcohol under any brand you like, there are many kinds. but the issue is this all alcoholic drinks have serious threat to  our dental health. Alcohol makes your mouth dry, This low saliva flow that may cause serious issues on long term such as tooth decay and cavities.


It’s popular knowledge how coffee stains your teeth, and coffee stains are the worst to your teeth as they are very harmful. What’s more, just like alcohol, coffee makes teeth sticky and a dries out your mouth. Also , it is  so bad if you add made up sugar to make  your coffee sweet .In fact , coffee is  worst for your teeth than energy drinks .If that’s not sufficient for you, coffee is acidic, which means as long as you drink coffee your teeth are in danger. Anyway, we do know that it is likely impossible to make you stop drinking your best beverages, but you have to minimize the risks that can happen to your teeth so  please drink three glasses of water afterward each coup of coffee and try to avoid adding made up sugar to sweeten you coffee

To summarize, in case you can stop drink those food and beverages that can hurt you teeth , you have to drink a lot of water after each glass of coffee or after each meal you have during a day . So, you can keep your teeth partially protected .

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